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People with screen sharing problems, what did you do that was actually helpful?

what's your "it wasn't until I got a girlfriend" story?

The next time someone tells you a situation is awkward just remind them it was your birthday party.

What's the most underrated great movie?

If Disney World was a game what would be some loading screen tips ?

Cat owners, when did you get a "fur balled" because you had a cat at your work hour?

What is your favorite 'fancy' good (or bad) quality in the world?

You’re 13, you wake up as a kitten but you have all the normal cat senses. How would you use your remaining time on this Earth?

What 'making out' motion does a squeaky clean female make with her tongue?

In the months leading up to and including Nov. 4, what do you wish Americans would understand about the civil rights movement?

Why do some white people feel attacked when you mention the name "white privilege"?

What’s your wish list of 'perfect' things to have in 2020?

Best Buy is having a sale right now. 30% off everything, including the toys. What are some of the coolest deals that they have to offer?

It's December 2016 and the world is ending, what should a family do?

People of Reddit with large plugs in your ears, what the fuck is wrong with you and how can your parents help you?

When did you feel like your career was done?

What’s the most toxic time you’ve been called a cunt, and what was it?

Does anyone else wonder if there are other types of women who like to be dominated?

What age does youth end?

What’s the best video game for couples to play?

How would you feel about an in-universe explanation for why everyone seems obsessed with us?

If God created a Reddit post asking for suggestions on the next update of Earth, what would you do?

To all the women out there, how do you guys feel about our "boys will be girls" thing?

Where’s the best place to find a ton of Dave's Poor Man's Clothes?

Reddit, what is the most racist thing a bystander has ever said to you?