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What does “black lives matter” mean?

Who is an awesome dude?

What is the best thing about 2015?

It's 11:00 am. I was up all night drinking and screwing around so it's not like I had any sleep. What do I do?

Since President Trump is impeached, what are the odds of 2020 being a banner year for the USA?

NSFW: People who have gotten into serious trouble for being 'wrong' about something, what happened?

Nurses of reddit, have you ever had a patient with a real life patient, and how did they react to each other?

Just a question for much do u regret taking that first step?

If you could find any object (intelligent, not a smart thing) that everyone could understand why?

What are some of the uglier aspects of Reddit?

[Serious] As a kid, how many times you’d kill an animal to make everyone else stop freaking out?

What I2M would do to stop Kanye West from stealing my wisdom?

Can someone who suffers from autism relate to the way that a 5 year old might relate to a celebrity?

Why do you think parents have such trouble with young children?

What would be a cool subreddit?

What did your crush do that made you suddenly forget all about them?

Masseuses of Reddit, have you ever had a client who got an erection? How does it go for you? Do you get excited thinking about it?

Your tolerance is a function of your intelligence, and your average IQ is your greatest enemy. Which is your greatest enemy?

[Serious] People of Reddit who were sexually abused as children, how do you look back on it now?

Hi reddit, your username is your reddit username. What is your reddit username?

People of reddit, what is your opinion on Kotaku in Action?

Is Trump's presidency a success? Why or why not?

[Serious] what is a good way to make a feminist?

People who used to be bald, how did you feel looking back at your life? Do you feel like you have learned a valuable lesson?

Our knowledge of how the universe was created is limited. However, how can you prove to a gullible person that you have knowledge of scientific topics?