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People that have dated their cousin: What's the most "clever" thing your cousin has done?

Americans... what is the most irrational thing your government has done?

We all know about autopsies, but what about drug deaths?

What 2 games do you think everyone should play at least once in their lives?

How would you feel about adding a kickass dragon to DC?

The only thing standing between you and extinction is yourself. How do you defeat yourself?

If movies had a comment section similar to YouTube, what would the top comment be on Love Actually ?

[Serious] In a video game, if you press X to accelerate, you'll quickly become one with the game. What if you were one of the many who quickly became one with the game?

What's something positive Donald Trump has done?

After all, it's January 20, 2021, the Vietnam War is over, and President Trump is just president. What's the first thing he does?

Have you ever thought you're a robot after being inside one for so long?

People who have tasted human meat, what was it like?

What do you think is the best 'villain' character?

Possibly involving running, swimming or any mental challenges what do you think it will be like?

Do you think Reddit is a good home for sad videos? Why or why not?

What word would you add to the end of the phrase "all lives matter" ???

Redditors with kids, how do you feel about having a kid?

What word would you pick to describe your sex life?

Who is your favorite (not necessarily a celebrity) small-talker of all time?

Republicans who will not be voting for Trump in November, what was the deciding factor?

The maximum number of hours you will play as one gender in a video game is?

What’s your opinion on this sub having so many upvotes but no comment sections?

How do I tell my best friend he smells bad?

Every character played by the same actor is now a part of one continuous story. What is the plot of your favourite character?

What was something a lot of people said as a child that you think was funny but actually isn't that way?