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People that read the terms and conditions instead of skipping them, Why?

To those who work night shifts and/or odd hours why do you

People who haven’t pooped in 2019 yet... why are you

How would your parents react if you suddenly became their opposite sex?

What would the universe be like if it had a life of its own?

Females of Reddit, what is the most revealing thing you have ever seen from a male character?

Guys, let's be real. You aren’t the only person in a gang. There are other people in different gangs as well. What are some guys in different gangs doing to get away with being a total twat?

Everyone in the United States’s water supply gets spiked with LSD and you are given a million dollars to spend it on one thing only: one thing only.

If someone lost their virginity, what should be done?

Does anyone like when female characters wear makeup? Especially in hardcore porn scenes?

[Serious] Atheists, what made you become an Atheist?

Why is the page with tips and tricks for someone with a mind like a 5 year old's missing a page?

If you could read every thought and feel of the entire world what would it say?

People who lost their virginity,

What is the worst thing you or someone you know has done to someone else?

[Serious] Transgender people of Reddit, what is a good name/image to use as a compliment on someone you have seen transition?

USC offensive backfires, Gator fans are stupid, violent and racist?

You get to have sex with the Devil. How would that sex

[Serious] Who is the most famous person you've ever disliked?

What's the best drink ever ?

Can you please STOP with the conspiracy theories?

What If God Was a Homosexual?

Human waste has a life of its own. What if we created a technology to recycle and send it to the moon?

What is a Go-To Song for When Sex Is Inside a Dog?

Couples who have moved out or split up with their partners and now find yourself in a situation where you will be responsible for raising a child without knowing eachother's background, what is your story?