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What movie would be better if it had a different villain?

Redditors who got into acting, what made you want to become a professional?

Men of Reddit, as much as it pains me when people make fun of men for being

If Apple were to suddenly become evil, how would you feel about a world where only Apple products are evil?

[Serious] Would you lie down and let a dozen spiders all at once take you by surprise and eat you alive? Why or why not?

Is anal sex *really* a sin ? Why or why not?

How do you guys feel about this sub having so many rules and shitposting?

Hey gang of skidaddies, what's a few extra bucks you can scream about from now on?

What do you think will happen to fox news?

Girls of reddit, what is the most romantic thing a guy can do for you without making it sexual?

What are some of your favourite subreddits?

People who insist that the racist bullshit that you hear in the news is not true, explain why?

What's the worst thing you've accidentally said in class?

3 Day F to Midnight: A 3 day trip around the world. What's your favourite 3 day adventure?

People of Reddit with flat moles on the skin, what is it like?

What do you think of Men of Reddit?

What is this, The Hunger Games?

[SERIOUS] How do you guys feel about Jian Ghomeshi's police brutality case?

Who is the best (relatively speaking) fictional dad in history?

Are you over the age of 20 and have yet to enter your porno stardom?

Why the f**k are you an admin of Reddit?

What are some subtleties to the way a dog chews?

Lawyers of Reddit, what's the most blatant falsehood a defendant tells you during cross examination that makes you believe them?

Who are the most evil fictional parents you know and why?

What country has the best internet?