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What subreddits have you unsubscribed from?

My boyfriend and I got engaged last weekend, but we still haven't had sex.

What's a good movie you can laugh about whenever?

How do you feel about atheists?

What do you consider to be "good enough for Netflix"?

Dear sisters of reddit have you ever faced such an unpleasant situation as the sisters got raped in the laundry? What’s your story?

People who had a crush on their teacher, what happened?

People who didn’t know the difference between 'you're' and 'you', how do you think she feels about that?

When was the last time you remember being kind?

Have you ever been in a "thing" so bad you nearly died? If so, what was it?

Hey cops, how do you feel about the “get fucked” craze?

What did a moment on "Jeopardy!" tell you about your life?

You're 6 years old, and a group of bullies relentlessly troll for fun. One day, you manage to get into some serious trouble. What do you do?

Actors and Actresses What Scene Would You Like To See Played By The Players?

To all the vegetarians in America: why are you so politically correct?

People who were nerds in high school, how did you deal with all the cheating and cheating by your friends?

The Punisher is the good guy?

What is a movie you always wanna see again just to make it a little more interesting?

Why are you an insufferable ass?

What's a genuinely helpful website every redditor should use at least once in their lives?

These are just a few suggestions to someone trying to get to know someone, not sure what to say or do...

What's the best smartphone game you’ve played on?

What's something that your parents did that you thought would be good idea at the time?

Are you having fun yet?

Girls, what is your opinion on cleavage? Do you show it or what you think of others who do?