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How did you or

In all honesty I think the reason girls are more likely to drop out of school is because boys are more likely to bully them?

What’s your explanation for why Trump is the president?

Ex Geeks, what's it like to be a "young genius"?

But how come some people go on rants and others are amazing people with no apparent compunction?

You are now the manager of erotica. What are some good names to use?

Fat queers of reddit, how much fap material do you crave and do you think it's normal for a guy to fantasize about fap material other than wetting himself?

Trump or Clinton? Why?

You are suddenly 14 years old again, everything is new so it might as well be new and exciting, what do you do?

In honor of our third national day of #BlackLivesMatter, what are some other great Day of Remembrance to an important person in our culture?

People who have broken up with their partners, what was going through your minds immediately upon seeing the news?

How do people judge good people for liking videos rather than for doing exercises?

People that live near the places shown in "Diners, Drive in and Dives", what are your own personal experiences from the great unwonted expanses of the United States?

How would reddit feel about a yes or no vote on the legalization of pot ?

What is the most shit thing you've seen at a sleepover?

When will Americans realize that you are your father's assistant and not Trump's?


Dear Dumb People of Reddit, Why are you the Way You are?

Blind people of reddit, have you ever seen a white person's perspective on an otherwise oblivious blind person? How does that change their perspective in any way?

What is something that only Redditors know about you?

Men of Reddit, what are some ways you have been affected by menstruation?

When did free software become proprietary?

Those with young children and no internet at work, what do you do to ease their boredom?

What was the greatest written work of English literature?

What can be a lifesaver?