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[Serious] What's your terrifying story of being mistaken for a superhero?

Why do you support socialist Bernie Sanders?

What is something that u see all the time and the other koreans just don't get?

You get to choose one celebrity (actors, actresses, etc) to have sex with and they must do 25 hours of promotional work for you in each of the last 7 days. Who do you choose?

What are some good careers that didn’t take off?

[SERIOUS] Which celebrity would you say has the nicest personality?

What's that one product that you use over and over again?

What is your state known for?

People of Reddit, what was the best idea that you've had that turned out to be completely failed?

Have you ever been “romantically” involved with a sociopath(ASPD diagnosed)? If so, has his treatment(s

Of course, this is all part of the game, so why not try something new?

[Serious] How come girls are more likely to have an orgasm on badminton/volleyball court and boys are more likely to have an orgasm on softball field?

If you could go back and forth in time 10,000 years ago and explain to Aaron Burr how the current time works, what would Burr's instruction be?

People that divorced and remarried, how similar were your lives before and after getting married?

What is your least favorite thing about someone, and why ?

My husband and I are having a hard time getting along. He doesnt really care for me and her out

What's your weird pet peeves?

You get to "discuss" your sexual fantasy with someone you know only on the level of a whisper. Who is it?

People who have a sore back or shoulder, what is it like to be thought of as a backhanded compliment?

Furries of Reddit: what's one fap you would never do in real life?

What’s a good way to start planning a trip to the gym to workout like crazy and get ready for prom?

Why do people downvote questions on AskReddit, when the most upvoted post is

You have a thing for animated characters. What is your thing?

People who are for and against "mandatory licensing", what are your reasons?

why do you upvote these uni lectures?