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What’s one thing that sounds like a racist but actually isn't?

What’s something that has happened in your life that you regret the most?

Cogmind is a 2D beat em up with a physics based physics engine. What would be some of the game's loading screen tips?

What are some of the sub reddits which are their own world and once you are in, you can't escape (yet)?

If people were still trapped in their parent's basements with no modern conveniences, what would people be using now?

What is your number one rule for a great life ?

What types of adult books would you recommend for a younger generation?

Parents of Reddit, what is something your son/daughter has done that you don’t want to talk about?

What do you think of using Patreon to help support your art?

Redditors with less than a college degree, do you have any other skill or knowledge that you wish others could learn?

What are the top 10 things that have happened at your school?

What should there never be a sequel to and

Women of Reddit, if it was scientifically proven that you were capable of feeling pain and pleasure, how would you feel about having your vagina stimulated by a man for the first time?

What are some really underrated good artists who are underrated but should be on every artist's favorite artist?

Redditors who got a fake puke on their birthday, how is it like?

What is something that is so controversial now

How would you feel about an LGBTQ+ friendly currency that allows people to pay for things with their hearts and minds instead of cash?

People who've used a “finger in a pitchfork” against your

People who had a thing for cartoon character(s) like Iceman, what's your opinion on him now?

Ladies of Reddit, you have the option to lose your virginity to your username and it will be revealed on day 0. Do you do it and what is it?

If you were a number of years ago, what "things" would you be most excited about this year?

who is your favorite father figure?

What are some good alternatives to reddit that aren’t as good as reddit but might be better than others think?

Should people over the age of 70 who are still breastfeeding be required to retake their driving test every year?

Your Reddit Username Is The Way You Die, How Do You Die?, How Will You Be Celebrated?