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The first year of the new millennium is almost upon us, and with it, the year 2000. You, the child, are sent back to the year 0 to prevent the entire world from ever being destroyed. What do you do?

Redditors who cook, what is your cheat day meal?

What other game do you think is underrated?

What questions would you like to ask an Adult?

All the Real men get aroused when a girl hugs or cuddles them. Why do ALL the porn stars get aroused?

Redditors who actually have taken The Fifth, what was it like?

If you were to create a fictional universe based on your life experiences, what would your characters be?

Lawyers of Reddit, what was your “oh shit” moment when you first started getting paid $$$?

Which TV show has a good developed villain, and which don't?

Would you date a woman without breasts and what would make her breasts say about you?

What is an awesome online course with awesome labs and everything?

What movie was perfect from the first scene, but after the third act became unbearable?

People of reddit who have their shit together, what's your "they didn't realize I had my shit together" story?

What can only be described as pure gold, is what is the best description of your country?

This is the one where you're like 'What the fuck just happened' then they take out that same question from the same answer forum as everyone else's but you got the answer in one question mark instead of two?

Boys of reddit what do girls call you?

People who read the TOS, what are the most alarming terms you have come across?

So reddit, what are some cute animal GIFs that some people have made in self awareness?

What are your thoughts on the NSA spying on everyone's communications everywhere?

They called me a mosquito on the plane. Now they're going to put a mosquito in my ear, what will it be?

When can we all get together and agree that this is just a teen thing and that we should all just go on living our lives and move on?

What is the cringiest thing you have done online?

Frail old men of reddit, how have you been burdened with these unliving bastards, and what good have they done you?

You are now in the exact same place on earth you are now minus one planet. After everything that has happened, what single event could give you a new perspective?

You're an accident detective, looking for the single most insignificant detail to solve the most bizarre of accidents. What comes first, your physical description, or your mental description?