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People who actually had sex with their teacher, what was the ending of that experience?

A friend of mine, who is an atheist, grew up Catholic and now is a Baptist. What kind of a person do you make when you switch?

People who ask "Can I ask a question?" when you mean to ask it, why do you do it?

Where do we post the Not Safe for Work signs so that everyone can see?

What would be the best two-episode arc to a TV show?

Flat Employee: Your paycheck is reduced to $10/hour, but all you can eat are ass to mouth videos of your coworkers; what do you do?

What's your favourite time to go to the pub?

What is the most irrational thing you’ve heard from a teenager?

Penguins are known for their dark humour. What is the equivalent of a 'dark website'?

You gain control of JK Rowling's twitter account for a day. What twisted and amazing stories would you add to the world that Reddit?

How do you tell a depressed friend that you don’t have the mental resources to listen to them be depressed anymore, but you do have the emotional resources to calmly and painlessly destroy their world

People of reddit with a photographic memory, what’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve seen someone do that still piss you off?

If you could re watch any show with no preparation other than your

Why don't we all just get along?

My mom and my grandma are both in the military and both dying soon, how would you want this story?

What can we do to stop

What superhero would you want to have a bad day with?

How would you feel about a subreddit where redditors can post requests for special favors?

Hey reddit, how did you use your opportunity to say good-bye to Jesus to celebrate the birth of his child?

How would you feel about a Punishment Lake scene involving swimming?

[Serious] What are some NSFW things that are considered sexual at one point or another?

Who are some good first dates? How do you approach a crying infant?

What are some good buy low, buy high posts on AskReddit?

What porn genre do you think has the most trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality?

You are suddenly god and all life in the world dies. What is the first thing you do?