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Can you

The fastest way you will lose all of your friends?

The great equalizer is finally here: The comics you love are now comics you shouldn't read. What are the absolute must-reads of this new era?

What is something you would do to stop yourself from doing that stupid thing one day?

How would you feel about an explicitly religious episode of 'The Simpsons'?

The Last Airbender: Spirits, Earth, and the world itself are about to be changed forever. What are you entering the fight against?

What website would you delete if you had the ability to delete anyone in existence?

Redditors who have been mentally ill, how did you deal with it?

What movie is 100% guaranteed to make you cry again?

Ex-atheists of reddit, why did you no longer follow a religion?

People with let's plays in their videos, what is the most tragic part?

Accept Cookies but Not Full-Service Information Website?

Occupation: Student

What food do you love that most Americans hate?

What will the next big thing be about Reddit?

What's a quote that's both true and ridiculous?

Aloha! My name is "Logan," and I love you.

What are some good "just to be safe" Google searches to make in case of actual danger?

The unfortunate part is that I'll be breaking almost any rule that I come across. For example, I'll ban you from my chat. What will I do?

People with and without careers, what was it like before you started doing something?

Is this what Reddit is supposed to be?

How did you guys meet / The Danes met the Robinsons)?

you suddenly got it, how did you do it?

What are the qualities that an ideal guy/girl would have?

Rick Astley is officially the biggest pop culture meme of all time. What do you think?