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Women of Reddit: what's the best way you guys have successfully coped with being the "food at my house" and are still capable of having FUN despite the pressure?

You are allowed to use an animatronic animal in a movie but you have to pay a license fee


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What was the last thing you Googled to get to know someone?

Is it gay to show your best friend your boobs in a mirror? Why or why not?

With Trump as president and riots all over the world, what are some peaceful ways to express your anger?

Masseuses of reddit, have you ever had a client who got a boner during sex? What happened?

What, if anything, is the United States doing right to help alleviate the effects of the global financial crisis?

You are gifted 200 trillion dollars from an anonymous donor, but with one condition - you must only wear socks for 11 days, the type of sock is up to you. Do you do it, and what would you wear?

"People were created to be loved, and things were

What would an actual cure for covid-19 look like?

Cows of India, how do you feel about buffalos, protectors, and bruce boys?

I accidentally posted an "ex" message. I thought it was safe but now all my friends are aware of it and it's all over

Can we please stop with the "he was a sex symbol" thing. Seriously?

People who donate a lot of money to streamers, whats something they do that piss you off ?

People who were involved with a rape, what was it like, when it happened?

People who have been through a horrible accident, what's your story?

NSFW For those who still support the Crooked Hilarys, why?

What do you think happened when Google shut down?

People who say "men can too easily be cocky" why?

How do you feel about Serena Williams winning the 200m butterfly title?

What’s one thing you can say during sex and also at a family reunion?

You're Tony Stark, owner of the worst possible company. Your goal: Sell as many Iron Man suits as possible in as many months. What products would you put in each one?

What do you do if a creepy man suddenly appeared next to you, holding a gun to your head and demanding money?