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Fugitives of reddit, have you ever contacted police or lawyers regarding your past criminal activity? If so, have you ever had any type of lenient or forgiving attitude toward them? If so, how did it play out for you?

To the American's who are protesting, looting stores and attacking radio stations, are you really protesting because the stores are owned by crooks or are you protesting because the government is crookous?

If the entire planet was populated by anthropomorphic animals, which would you have the most fun with?

What’s something about yourself that you wish other people knew?

Which classic literature is actually worth reading?

People who take the milk before the yogurt: why?

But there's a catch. Every single penguin in the world is cuckold material, and you can only cuckold one pet. What’s your wankiest cuck daddy cummations?

Can someone please explain to me the appeal of trading card games like Yu-Gi-Oh! and other card based games like Digimon?

Let’s Say You See A Shark Attack. What Reaction (if any) Will Her Monster Tongue Give Her Before She Splits You?

What is your

You are free to leave this planet and start afresh 5 years later over at your university. What would you do?

Do you think Hillary Clinton should be the POTUS instead of Donald Trump? Why?

Ladies of Reddit, if it was just you and your period, what would you do every day?

Who else wonders what the hell is going on in hell?

What jobs have you had in your industry?

Girls of reddit, what is your favorite porn scene and why?

[SERIOUS] girls of reddit, have you ever shown your vagina to a male friend? What was the outcome?

What if instead of drinking soda pop, we all had to drink real pop?

Non-Americans, what's the first thing Americans always ask you, "Why the f*ck do you have a vested interest in keeping the military/ police state under wraps?"

How can a country as advanced as the US allow for slavery in its political system?

With everything going on, what are you two playing at?

JK Rowling originally wanted to make Harry visit all four Hogwarts House common room, but couldn't think of a compelling reason to visit the Hufflepuff common room, so she changed the rules. What good would that change do for you?

What was the worst experience you've ever had with a racist?

What did your crush do that was so innocent, but you knew it was inappropriate?

A French court has upheld the death sentence imposed on a man for killing a lion with one stone (referring to the act of striking the lion with one single blow). What’s the most blatant logical fallacy you've heard from a person?