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The man who allegedly raped a unconscious woman in Pennsylvania on video has his bail reduced from $or so lmao

What is one food everyone

Cows, r/AskReddit, and Chicken N Glue all ask "why?"

What do you think about the men of reddit?

What should be worn under the sheets?

If Pokemon GO was a game, what classic anime would be the loading screen tips?

People of reddit that were found not guilty in 2016, what's your story?

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If movies had a comment section similar to YouTube, what would the top comment be on 'Hooters'?

Women of reddit, what are some unusual requests you are sometimes overwhelmed with?

When did the adults in your class get so many annoying rules and expectations that eventually got to be annoying?

Cops of reddit, have you ever had a case of “I smell ratter” and why?

If the universe was hosting a universe fair this year, what prizes

Parents of Reddit who have an older son with a younger woman, what is his opinion on his younger half?

Blind people of reddit with different hand sizes, what was it like growing up with only one hand and how did you deal with that?

Add "in my ass" to the end of any song title/band name. What are some good matches?

What's something that is controversial in your country but is relatively new in yours?

What Redditors think we should do with Jimmy Olsen?

Happily married (for 15+ yrs) couples who don't torrent porn, why?

People who actually had sex with a video game as a child, how did it go? Would you do it again?

What do you consider a good name for a new kind of sex?

What can an "American Express" Card that now has a George Floyd attached?

[Serious] Conservatives of Reddit: if you had one argument to make to Trump, what would it be?

How do you feel about people who load their magazines full of crying babies?

What was the most unlikely thing you have had to say during school?