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In 100 days, someone will have to kick ass like Christopher Walken in Iron Man. Who will it be?

Your username is your avatar. What is your avatar?

People who can fall asleep within 8 seconds of their head hitting their pillow: How the f*ck do you fall asleep within 8 seconds of your head

Redditors who had a "thing" that you were proud of but someone else took the credit, how did you deal with it?

What is the best subreddit to surf on without actually going to the top of it?

What do you think your age does in relation to your superpower?

What is the best thing a stranger has ever done for you?

Why do most redditors hate Christians but are equally fanatical about Muslims?

People who noticed their SO getting some solo work done after they got home together, how different was it from a normal relationship?

People of Reddit, what is something you wish people knew about you?

By Jeremy Moran

The Boston Red Sox are a .500 baseball team, but what is the best way to ruin that record?

Students of Reddit, what is the best thing a teacher has ever done for you?

Posted on by Lori

Reddit, what was the right age at which you had the "you grew up fast" moment?

How do you guys feel about Bill Hicks?

What would you do if you found out that your friend was a massive creep?

What's your god damnest wish come true?

What's a perfectly

Are we really that divided now? How can so many people still not see the error of their ways?

I'm 15 and have never had a girlfriend, what the fuck?

Fellow men of reddit, what is something else men can do to get the women they are after to notice us and give us a shot?

To the americans who are protesting. Why are you protesting?

Do you think parents should be more involved in raising children? Why or why not?

People of Reddit who have engaged in bestiality, have you ever been caught, and how did the animal react to your crime?