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How do you think of Canada and the country?

When is the right time to tell a stripper she's sexy?

How do you feel about Chris Brown's derogatory remark about Nas?

Karens, why do you do this to your husband?

What's the best app you guys have ever used?

what was the best day you've ever had?

Why can't everyone on the internet agree that we need to unite?

What is the most toxic thread you have ever read?

(NSFW) Whats a great question to ask on this sub?

Transgenders, how do you prefer to be called and how would you describe the experience of being a "sad femme fatale" to your partner?

What is your favourite "where would you

People who speak English as a second language and/or work in a fast food industry, what word do you constantly struggle with when ordering a burger?

What is a sound that when you're driving down the highway makes you think your life is going to change forever?

To the 14 year old girls on r/gw what is your opinion on r/nerd?

You get to see some behind the scenes action at a live porn shoot. What scene would you pick?

People who sort by new...

People that had no sex education at all, how'd you find out about sex?

What is something a lot of people love but you feel is a bit extreme?

The first 100 people who die in this game of life will be Gods, how would you feel about that?

People of Reddit that work in restaurants: what’s the strangest thing you’ve seen someone do to another person?

What is one thing you're really good at?

You are the cop who breaks up with your ex, what do you do?

What are some good chat rooms on the Internet?

People of Reddit who got back with their parents and made them watch you cry like a pro, how does it make you feel?

What is your opinion on people getting mad over KAREN?