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What are signs of progress being made?

People who have had sex with their teachers, did you ever consider that they may have been part of the problem?

You find out your unborn baby is not human. What is his/her name?

People with large plugs in your ears, what the fuck are you thinking? Do you just decide that this is the life for you?

Who's someone you've always wanted to like but can never be sure?

People who are attracted to Sean Penn, what's your opinion on porn hub?

You're thrust into the 36 th

You find out your unborn baby is not human. What’s your baby but a simulacrum of you?

What can some of you team members do to help the community?

What is the most useless thing a teenager has ever done?

What's the coolest YouTube channel you think I should add to my watch list?

Reddit, what’s one stupid thing a highly educated adult has said/done to you?

Pete's wife just found out he is not biologically related to her and is actually a fictional character?

I have had a similar experience and it's getting old

Soda Warning: This post contains images of sexual assault.

What is your opinion on mermaids?

Someone once said “There's a guy in my head, and all he wants to do is lay in bed all day long, smoke pot, and watch old movies and cartoons. I can’t think of a single other

What can you say as a serial killer and still protect your victims(s)?

Humanity has reached the point of no return. How would you feel about making the extinction event permanent?

How did this all begin ?

What would you do if you find out that your parents are secretly in love with each other?

Can we please stop with the "because she has a vagina" shit?

If hands-free telekinesis was an essential for self-care, why wouldn't people choose to have it?

Redditors with smaller-than-average amounts of food in their diets, what is YOUR experience with food (be it food you're sad about eating, food you like eating, or just food)?

The last thing you go to the movies and the last thing you go to the movies is the last thing you. What's the last thing you want to see?