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Male Genital Mutilation ( / ジュ

People with birthmarks on your arms or hands. How did you get them, and how do you feel about them?

What is something you can say both to your grandmother and while having sex?

What do you call a person that goes to a country club?

Americans... what word should be used as the official state bird of Pennsylvania?

Reddit, what is the most exaggerated or made up detail you have ever heard about a person, made up or real?

How would you feel about a dating site where you can match people online by their " dating profile "?

What is the most cutest thing a stranger has done for you?

People who slam on the brakes first when exiting your driveway, why?

How can we convince someone that a stain on an older piece of clothing that was left in a hotel was not ejaculate?

What's a sign that a girl is in the dating game for you?

To all the girls on Reddit: if you ever had a run in with a Chris Hansen, what happened?

Ex U.S. Patissim and all-around awesome dude Pat Quinn is now the mayor of 'Quinn-ed' New York! What is 'Quinn-ed' and how will it benefit the world?

What’s your opinion about Girls Gone Wild?

What is the best smartphone game you have ever played?

What do you think the open source community could do to better support women entrepreneurs and support women in business?

Which TV shows can’t possibly get any better than

You are being watched by a CCTV camera, what will the first thing you do?

[Serious] People of Reddit with terminal illnesses, how do you deal with their (nursing, therapy, etc.) needs and (if possible) their (

So....what was the best way you’ve been able to subdue someone emotionally?

What is the best thing to say when being stuck for a few hours on end?

What do you think is the most badass thing that has ever happened to you?

At what age did you start watching anime and manga? And what was the first anime you watched?

How do you feel about a law that if any US president declared they were sick and needed medicine immediately, the military would have to declare a state of emergency and the country would be c…

How much was in your college education?