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Nurses of Reddit, have you ever had anyone come in with a patient they didn't know how well,

If you could magically get one body, what would it be and which would it be and why?

What’s one time you’ve legitimately wished you were stronger than the average person?

What's a book you highly doubt anyone has read?

Rick Astley, the emo kid from lickspittle, has officially joined the protest. What’s the first song he’s officially joined the boycott of?

Has Donald Trump gone crazy? If so, how?

What's something you didn’t realize you were talking about until you did it in real life?

Dear Republicans of Reddit, how have your views on Trump changed since

Nurses of Reddit what’s the funniest story you have ever heard from an

Ugly people of Reddit. What would you do if you find out a person that you thought was the opposite gender came into your house naked with your neighbor's chicken lying in the backyard?

If your mom and your girlfriend swapped bodies and you need them both to have sex what would you choose?

If the Founding Fathers had been wiped clean and now run around in grass in front of a walled camp, which of them would you have had the most fun with?

What is the best video game not fully realized?

The Game is now rated PG-13, what changes will this make in your opinion?

Dear America, it's Pride month. What's your annual report card?

Have you ever had a moment where you thought you would die? What happened?

People of Reddit, what would you have done if money and stuff were no object?

Do you like when a celebrity dies? Why or why not?

Why are you not a racist?

People who have a soft spot for puppies, how do you find them and what are your feelings towards them?

What's your worst "thing" and how did you overcome it?

[SERIOUS] What is the best time to tell the entire world you’re the Jesus?

People who had a nervous breakdown in high school, what happened?

Are “All Lives Matter” and the “Black Lives Matter’ Matter’ Matter’?

What's the coolest website you've visited in college?