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What year were you born and what is your current opinion about your current life situation?

If everyone you saw were humans, what three things

People who responded with ____ instead of your surname, what was your reasoning?

Where to find Out of the 652 British Columbia Rough Sleepers (and 781 IFSS Canadian Rough Sleepers), Who are the Dads? And What was it like to father a Dad?

What do you do to keep yourself warm in July?

What's a song you've really dug but now realize how fucked up it was?

How are you feeling? Are you happy? Sad? Or Both?

Who's your favorite (real) life example?

Fat Gay Celebs Who Love Ketchup With Ketchup Why Does This Make Me The Scapegoat For The Video Game Industry?

People who call yourselves Karens, why?

Before you freak out, let me reassure you, I am not a monster.

For the people that say that the universe is ending, what is the actual date/time that you've checked into that lie?

If you were granted the ability to fuck anyone you want, how would you go about it?

What do you think of Megan Fox's ass again?

People who work in retail, what was the weirdest thing someone bought you for ?

What was the best social encounter of your life?

Americans, who will you be voting for Trump in 2020?

Gamers of reddit, how are you holding up with all the hate?

When you're buying groceries, what are some low-cost items that people should have in stock (i.e. not in a plastic bag or taco shell)?

How do you feel about the gay pride flag?

[Serious] People who moved to Alaska how has your experience changed your opinion about moving to Alaska?

What is the best argument for why you should vote for Trump?

Law enforcement of Reddit, what’s the most thing that you’ve done that would make a good candidate for a ‘smoker’ camp?

If you had a chance to see the world revolve around you, what would you do?

If the answer is yes, you are an archnemesis. What is your justification?