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What do you think of the term "Karen"?

When was the moment that you felt like the centre of the universe?

What is something you're scared of but also excited to try?

What can one person, in small town America, do to fight back against the incredible wealth and privilege that sit atop of them?

What is the best app you use to stay in touch with family and friends?

Posted by Breeze on Sep 13th 2018

To the millions of people around the world, can you be faking it when you log on to reddit?

No, getting a successful pornstar isn't easy. You need to find her, to have her as a sex object, and to use her as your cum dump. How would you do it?

Are there any Pokémon you would absolutely kill to have a battle with Brock?

What was the most sexiest thing someone on a first date did?

People who have "the talk", what is it like?

If aliens arrived and you had to fight them using only your wits, what weapons would you pick up?

What can one person do to get the

Someone once said “you can’t trust anything you read about the Bible. It's an allegory, after all” which I think perfectly captures the spirit of this sub.

What are your most creative internet-wide comebacks?

[Serious] what was your “weird” moment?

Redditors of Reddit, what are some good subreddits you feel are great, but are a bit overwhelming to navigate?

What do you think of the fact that Redditors love to hate on conservatives?

Adults who don’t use Reddit, what’s your reason for not using it?

You are about to have sex with the same sex for the first time. What things do you fuck, and which do you keep to yourself?

What game are you nostalgic for, but no longer play?

Back in April of 2017, America went to the moon and the 2020 Olympics. The entire planet is in chaos, and your government is trying to restore order. What type of bizarre or unusual punishment would be the perfect response?

If your work was a video game, what would one of the loading screen tips be?

Add 'In my ass' to the end of any song title/band name. What is the result?

What is your work habit that you constantly change?