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you die and an end-game screen is shown with a completion percentage of 98%, what do you do?

You are allowed to add 'in my ass' at the end of any song. What is the perfect addition to this list?

Which classic literature ruined your childhood?

What was your “it wasn't supposed to be this way” moment?

For those of you still voluntarily reproducing why are you doing it? (Serious)

On July 4th, 1970, an overwhelming majority of the U.S. entered a "war on poverty," cutting food stamps and other programs to the bone. Instead of focusing on cutting spending, what policies do you think would have helped in the long run?

What's a good question to ask on this sub?

[Serious] People who have not

Maybe XKCD is the most well-known and vilified of all human internet slang, but what other obscure but equally offensive examples do you have?

Redditors who are completely insular, what is your way of communicating with your parents?

People who drink milk for breakfast, why?

What did you read in elementary school that you still remember?

Girls, what is your favourite sports team?

What’s something people do that makes you feel special?

I am a fucking neurotic young adult who just can't let go of anything. How do I deal with my depression?

What other time period or topic would you like to discuss with children?

If the internet could only be a mirror of your consciousness, what would it show you?

Hey reddit what is the most interesting single line you've ever licked off someone's tongue?

What movie makes a good addition to the (insert video game here) series?

What would you recommend as a last resort, if you can’t find a satisfying resolution to your current problem?

Lurkers of reddit, have you ever been 'slut shamed' by another lurker? If so, what is it like?

What are signs of a budding

What do you consider to be "too much" in life?

When did it become acceptable to post/comment

You get the ability to control everything in the world, but you still have to deal with the consequences of your actions every day. What are you doing to prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed by the amount of information available to you?