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What would you change about the USA if you had complete control over the economy and military?

How do you feel about President Trump's response to the protests in the US?

Hiring managers of Reddit, what was the best communication channel your organization has ever had?

How do you guys feel about the men wearing underwear to work in solidarity to show solidarity with women?

Stick figures of any design, from a childish meme to a well thought out design

What was your “any other option” button?

what's the best way to stop procrastinating?

What was the fastest way someone (child, male, etc) beat you?

What did happen to the karaoke player?

Why do you Comment but not Upvote a post?

How would you feel about the "not my fucking issue" shirt?

what is a song that’s doomed to fail?

If death has a Social Contract , what is the Plot of thelast Airbender?

What’s something you can say during sex and at family dinner?

WHAM! you just stabbed another person with your middle finger, what do you think people are thinking?

We got it on Red Carpet at the RNC. How 'bout we keep it up this time?

At what job are most people assholes?

Why do girls make silly facial expressions when boys make eye contact?

What TV shows does Reddit think got bad ratings because of the writer/director/actor pairing?

Non-Americans, what would be the typical problems Americans face?

Fugitives of reddit, have you ever actually gotten loose and gone after your prey? If so how was your first day of freedom?

What "fuck you" moment did you experience on an "okay" day?

[serious] What's something that you are pretty confident in but would be willing to bet is completely wrong?

People who really think the guy in "Frozen" is the main villain, explain why?

If an alien package arrived at your home in this world, what would you receive?