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What are signs of Developmental Disabilities?

I think I read somewhere that you could turn into any object, for a week or longer. What do you think?

People who masturbate everyday, why do you do it? Can you please stop doing that?

When does it become acceptable to post "likes" on AskReddit?

What does "bullying" in anime mean to you?

What are the reasons you don't support Trump?

People with positive thoughts about your boss, what is going on in your life?

What's your best sex advice?

Boomer, how did your first job change after moving to "the other side of the world"?

What celebrity would you have sex with while having blackout drunk?

Why do redditors hate me for being an American?

If you were a hacker who could access peoples online lives for a short amount of time without their knowledge what would you do?

Teenagers of Reddit, what's your "oh shit" moment?

Is The Last Of Us Part 2 Worth Playing?

If aliens arrived and you had to pick a gender, what would you pick?

What was the most heart-stoppingly embarrassing moment you’ve been a part of?

To the guys of reddit, how many of you are actually single and haven’t been in a relationship yet?

Gamers of Reddit, with the massive amount of praise that The Last Of Us part

What is the best thing to come from the Darfur crisis?

What’s your favourite movie that no one will talk about?

Everyone needs a hobby. What are some great choices you've made along the way?

What's the funniest "turns out women have feelings too" moment from your life?

Your character is now a part of the James Bond franchise. What is his mission?

[Serious] why people post stupid videos on youtube?

To all of you who still support Trump, why?