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[Serious] Hollywood actresses who are known for being domineering and entitled, would you stop shooting movies if you had to act them out? Why or why not?

In which universe are you?

In 1871, George Floyd showed up at the City Hall meeting to protest the election results. The meeting was then hijacked by a large group of racist clowns who beat a ball around a cage until one of them got the hang of it. What game were you in?

what do u think of fap mutilation trending in some Asian countries?

If masturbation was an art and you were allowed to use only one art, what would be your choice?

How come so many men post sexy selfies with their boobs out and then immediately start masturbating?

Females of Reddit: how far up have you gone

Your Reddit Username Is The Way You Die. How Die (Insert Entertainer's Fr

In honor of today’s #BlackLivesMatter movement, What’s the coolest non-sexual thing you’ve ever done for charity?

What is one thing that makes a person more human?

Serious: which villains do you feel sympathy for?

You're Satan and your goal is to torment Penny Arcade with sexual humiliation and make them play a video game for 30 million dollars. What game would you put up with them for an entire year?

What's something you can say during sex and an impromptu photo-op at a funeral?

Women with penises, how different is it than having a vagina?

What is something that is slightly too familiar?

YouTube comedians of reddit what is the funniest thing a listener said on air during a set?

If Bigfoot exists, has Chuck Norris attacked him, and if so what is his pose?

Kids, what's your best imaginary friend?

Redditors with children, how have you and your family changed since the dawn of time?

If Jews can have their cake and eat it too, why can't Muslims have their cake and eat it too?

Trump die-hards, why?

What is worse, someone

Hey reddit what’s a great feature in reddit but could be usefull in the corner office?

People who enjoyed the original Portal better than the sequel what is the story behind it and what can you think of the sequel?

(NSFW) What do you do if the sex (or any other sexual experience) is incredible?