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How do I stop feeling attracted to my SO?

What are the stories of your ancestors?

Trump voters, what is one thing that you will NEVER do again?

What are some peculiar subreddits?

What do you regret about your youth?

What is your honest opinion on the

parents of reddit, what is your (mama's) struggles with raising a happy/caring/respectful (non-sexual) child?

Fuck all you rich kids of reddit, where are you hiding your illuminati treasures right now?

Females of Reddit, after having a realistic look at pornography do you tend to masturbate more? Why or why not?

What can an adult baby boom teach you as a 12 year old?

what's one good thing about yourself that you're proud of?

What is something that is actually negatively affecting your life negatively?

What's something that is slightly too familiar?

You're 9 months into your new job, and all your co-workers are fans of The Simpsons. What’s the funniest story about

People who hate off limits topics, what is your go to thing that really gets you down?

Your income is now strictly from the sale of CDs and DVDs, how are you still alive?

People who advocate for the

My santa went above and beyond to get me a wonderful present. The part where I explain what I feel like saying, but also how the Reddit community can help me is almost over. Thank you so much santa!

As a child, what is your worst nightmare?

When is a time someone has been 'forgot' how to drive?

If a genie grants you the opportunity to ejaculate $50 in cash (money you earned from eating cereal), why do you choose not to?

People of reddit with an accent in your family, which one do you prefer?

What were some childhood dark plays that you still think of fondly?

If you can only appear in the very top-right-hand corner of the Netflix version of yourself, would you watch every episode? If yes, why?

[Serious] Exists of Reddit, have you ever been an empath? If so what was it like?