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How much time do you spend on rest and meditation tabs?

Girls of Reddit how has it been, has it been different that you don't get catfished or sexually harassed in the dorm?

People of reddit who strongly believe that Color Realism is a sin. What is your reasoning?

People who treat their bros like shit, how many of you are in the closet?

[SERIOUS] In what position do you normally sleep when you're not on a date/bruising streak?

People who quit their jobs, what’s your story?

Funny questions, keep it PG-13, please.

I ordered a desk fan to keep my new found love entertained. When it arrives at my house, I'll sit down and read the note. Will you be my boyfriend?

So...What song are you hoping will blow people's minds one day?

Fellow people of Reddit, do you have any experience with money? How did reddit help you?

Cartoon Network

Redditors, if you lost your virginity, how did you lose it and which one do you think was better?

Image copyright EPA Image caption President Trump visited a VA hospital in Miami on Wednesday

You are offered the option to have sex with anyone who can perform sexual acts on your head. Do you accept? Why, why not?

So... what is the most provocative question you've ever gotten from a female Reddit user?

What sounds completely natural, but is actually a miracle?

At what age did you start acting strangely?

you meet a handsome stranger at a party who says he is the son of the president's son (this could be changed to anything), what do you do?

If people still beat their wives (tennis wives especially), why

The virtual currency of Reddit, What's the best virtual currency around?

Girls who have feelings for us, how do we feel about them and what is it like to have them?

What did you lose track of as a kid?

Nurses of reddit, have you ever had a patient with a fear that could have been averted if you had just one patient with your profession? If so, what was the story?

In a world where anything can be a replicant, what is a singularity?

What sounds like fiction but is actually a reality?