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[Serious] which was the best Final Fantasy in your opinion?

What do you want to be the last word on Reddit?

What’s something you think is controversial, but actually isn’t?

What is one thing most people overlook?

It seems like the last thing you want to do is do something simple, but you have to make a difficult decision: do you keep your job, or go back to school and start over?

What is a survival skill you can teach a friend?

Hey Reddit, What’s the Most Free Software You’ve Downloaded?

What are u horny for?

Who's somebody you think is underrated?

Which Body part could you not wait to get fucked up over?

[Serious] What are some good subreddits for people looking to learn new things or just chill out?

People of reddit who still support Trump

What is something men can do to make you feel special?

Americans: what is a viable option other than voting for Trump 2020?

If your account had 20 back and forth messages then the whole world would be awake at once. How would you defend and win such a blind battle?

Anyone else wonder if that youtuber kid Ryan of Ryan’s Toy Show and Ryan’s World is Ryan?

What’s the best way to pass the time in exam prep?

Why don't more people just upvote everything you see so everyone can have a good day?

What should be a game, but isn't

What is something you bought for yourself as a young adult?

[Serious] The father of a 17 year old who just cheated on his girlfriend, how do you feel about him no longer being your son?

What are the best ways to be helpful to a stranger?

People with any kind of superhuman ability what is it like?

What do you think of Danny Devito’s portrayal of yourself on the show Grey's Anatomy?

If movies had a comment section, what would the opening song be?