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What annoys you the most about the concept of marriage ?

I don't like Donald Trump. Why?

Ladies of Reddit, what has Married into your life, and what is it like?

The question is: When did a celebrity turn on you?

How is the world now?

LGBTQIA+ Folk of Reddit, whatie ever happened to those you knew/worked with on the opposite sex, how was their relationship?

What are the advantages of a karen?

Scientists of Reddit, what is the best way to defeat Religion?

Republicans of Reddit, if you truly do not support Trump, why are you still in the GOP?

Dear Angel Gabriel, how have you been persecuted and are you even more persecuted than the rest of us?

What was the ugliest thing you have ever seen someone do to another?

Have you ever had a dream so interesting that it scared the hell out of you? If so, what was it?

you are

What did you learn in school that would definitely make a great teacher?

If people didn’t have their smartphones in ass (insert joke here) what would be the dumbest thing people do without their knowledge/shield?

What exactly does midnight mean in your world?

What is the hottest porn scene of all time?

What was the most outrageously wrong thing you ever did?

The average American eats 2.5 lbs of processed junk food a day, nearly three times the recommended daily allowance. How has the economy impacted your diet?

What movie would be even worse than The Big Short if only the principal characters got the punishment they deserve?

What do you think about Georges face during the riot?

People who ask "Can I ask a question?" while chatting with a loved one, why do you do it?

People who have pooped in the woods together, what’s

Dear reddit, how have

Why the hell are you all talking about Tron?