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What would you take to end racism?

How do you feel about Kobe Bryant's exit as a public figure?

What could the US/UK simultaneously benefit from doing well?

What's the fastest way a room of happy people turned sour you’ve witnessed?


Have you ever thought we are projecting our fears and anxieties onto Stan?

People who kill bugs but don’t eat them, why?

You are finally 21 years old. What stupid thing have you learned from your youth?

To all the reddit's who are with their parents, why?

[Serious] Non-Americans, do you still identify as such, and if so why?

There is a simple yet powerful poker phrase you can use to your advantage. It says it all “all in my head” what is it?

what is your funniest coincidence?

People who were deaf but gained hearing later in life, what do you do with your gifts?

Who is your favorite eternal teenager?

What is your most awkward sexual experience?

A couple of weeks ago I got a text from my girlfriend complaining that I'm drunk. I mean really drunk.

what is something

It's become apparent to me that the people who went to see a police officer in a video did it for show and photo ops only. How come some people still believe this shit?

Can we please stop with the hyperbole and sarcasm please?

Have you ever been “romantically” involved with a sociopath(ASPD diagnosed sociopath)? If so, is it abuse?

If dinosaurs were still alive what changes would they have made?

[Serious] men that got caught fapping in clubs, why?

What is the most badass thing you've ever

What is the best place to be murdered in America?

You're the reason one day your mate turns into the moon and then becomes your enemy the next day. What do you do?