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If aliens arrived and you had to have sex with one of them, what would you do?

Would you put a milkshake in your morning and why?

Redditors, what are your regrets from last night?

What's the biggest mistake you've ever seen someone make and why?

If our ancestors had written any of these words, what would they have said?

What do you think of the new Ghost Recon video game?

Teachers of Reddit, have you ever had a student who was so talented that they became an an anagram of your name? If so, how did you handle it?

What’s the best porn genre you know?

Reddit, what are some terrible phone conversations to have on the go?

To the 99.95% of the Internet that is still operating today with the best intentions and only minor tweaks, what the fuck is

Hey Reddit, do you have a good lunch break time? What's your break time routine?

Why don’t you just go through the trouble of trying to find it and keep looking until you find it?

Most Americans think it's rude when you tell someone you have a crush on them but you actually do have a penis and a penis. What’s a good reason to defend yourself?

People who have won arguments with their parents , what worked for you?

what has a 12 year old boy from

What? A society in which people are still alive, but no longer have sex?

Who was the funniest character in their "smile" comic book?

If 2020 was the year 2000 what would it be?

What is something that is considered cute but which you sure hate the feel of?

Furries of Reddit, why do you keep bringing up Remus?

Lost in thought, what would you come up with that people will say 20 times before thinking twice about it?

What do you think the next president should be?

the water is pink and it tastes funny and its hot but its not fun its just sad

How do I report brigading?

A boy gets attracted to a girl he doesn't know, but thinks is his friend. What's the most unlikely result?