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People of Reddit who have an IQ of 70 or above, what is your reasoning?

People of Reddit who took out full-time student loans to pay for college, how are your grades improving?

Redditors who had sex with the first love, why?

What’s the most badass thing police have done?

Why do you think that white privilege exists ?

Ladies of Reddit who used to think twice about wearing a make-up artist's falsy eyeshadow palette, what now tempts you to wear their eyeshadow palette again?

What sounds like fiction but is actually real?

We thought we knew everything there was to know about Boston. Then we went to school there, and everything we saw was covered up. How'd it change our perceptions?

Users of Reddit, how do you get the upvotes you deserve?

What would be a hilarious way for a Karen to introduce herself to a 13-year-old boy?

Trump being president isn't nearly as bad as people make it out to be, what could America do to be better?

You have complete control over one anime and manga. The story will be the same for both. What would it be?

Girls of Reddit, what is the best thing a guy can do for you (kind of like a present but different)?

How do you guys keep your relationship spicy? Do you guys mix it up a bit?

Daughters of reddit, what is something you wish your dad knew about girls growing up?

What was your “I can’t breathe” moment?

[Serious] Why would anyone vote for Trump?

The reason why you can’t go back to a childhood habit and actually enjoy it?

What would happen if Donald Trump blew his top?

If your username was your favourite candy flavour which one would it be?

What will be the nsfw fictional universe's stupidest contradiction?

What was a quality you were proud to be proud of in your childhood?

Where to find Rob Thomas's shirt?

If Quantum Leap was a movie, what is it about?

What is something that people misunderstand way too often?