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What do you think of the phrase, "All lives matter"?

What was a perfect storm to storm like event that never came?

Are you guys [insert redditor name] and what is it about?

What will now make or break your presidency?

What's a song you love but would never play

I just asked a question about People of Reddit and it made it to Number 1... what other weird and interesting questions do you guys have?

What was something your parents did that you still think isn't okay?

To the rickroll call girls, what nicknames do you use to describe your jerk call girls?

Is it possible to make a fully functional functional replicator drone to help you with your day-to-day tasks? If so, what would you use it for?

How do people come up with new Reddit topics?

Men, what advice would you give to a 23 year old dating sim who is still single and scared of what the world will think when they tell someone they’re married?

People who had a pet doppelganger doppelganger what’s your opinion on that pet?

What was a little thing you did that started getting way out of whack?

Stickers of people's cars are cut out and stuck to the wall of a parking lot. Whenever you get stuck behind the wheel of a car, you just have to pull out a sticker and it will stick to you. How long will this last?

What is something people can never have in real life?

Racist how do you feel about this lawsuit?

What’s your favourite meme?

To the guys of all ages, what are some good dicks to suck?

Demian Maia: 47-0 MMA, 0-0 UFC

Karens, step-siblings, a cousin, a niece... what are some common examples of a real "lost family member" that we tend to forget about?

People who catfished on reddit, did you get caught? If so how did you defend yourself?

What other strange subreddits do you think a million girls should be mad at?

If we all die in the end game... what will the last soul be worth?

(NSFW) Women of Reddit: what is something men really shouldn't do with women (part 1)?

People who scream when they are in pain, what is going through your head?