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What was your “we didn’t start the Fire” story from scratch?

If Trump loses the election in November, what will be the final straw?

If your username was your birth year, what year would you be?

In which case, what was the greatest written work of English literature?

There are currently 9,999 people on earth, and you are the only person left on the planet. What are your 10 best friends advice?

What do you think about Kaiju videos? Should they be avoided at all costs?

What would the Reddit community think of a "come again" button?

How did you find out your crush was a Karen?

What is the best place to find Dave Chapelle?

What's one thing you wish you had never done?

What is the most badass thing that you have ever done?

What are you most proud of as a large, stupid, bad man?

What do you think about Lou Reed?

How would things be different if God were a Homosexual?

Why do liberals defend muslims , while having no

How do you feel about Chris Brown being banned from your school?

How would you describe your job to a blind person ?

What was the best thing a million dollars can buy?

What is something that is totally in the name of science, but actually has some kind of cruel social connotation?

All you zombies out there, where are you headed?

Those who have bought an alcoholic beverage after realizing how harmful it was to your health, how much do you regret it and how much do you wish it would have stayed in your system?

What is better fish than chicken?

Who is someone you would kill to have sex with (sex parodiant, not serious)?

What is something that made you question your existence once you saw it?

What is a movie that had perfect timing for Halloween?