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What did you think about BF’s line "I could take you up on every inch of this world, but you'd have to live in my fantasy"?

Former porn stars, what was the early start in your career like?

You get to spend a year in a cheap motel with no internet/data connection. All you can do is wait around and be friendly with other people. How would your first year go?

Which subreddits do you feel were helped by a little training?

What's your favorite family man "trophy" (no, really) ?

What's the stupidest thing you ever did to your self?

Why do some Redditors believe that dinosaurs were real and others deny it with such conviction?

They say all lives matter, but what about the lives of the people who aren't killing themselves?

What is the most useless subject in school?

What is the best boyfriend you’ve ever had?

Someone once said "There is no Santa Claus; there is only X." What would you say?

People of Reddit, what is something you could for Trump, that would udder make it to the "I'm an American

Uni students of reddit, what is one thing that a prospective MPhil student needs to know about you as a lecturer?

If 'Karens' existed, why did the Black Lives Matter movement become a viable political party in the first place?

Parents of Reddit, have you ever regretted the name that you have given your child "Jack", because he's so innocent until proven guilty?

Teachers of Reddit, what was the best

What exactly are you trying to get across with this photo op?

What’s a bit too obvious “cracker” addiction?

what do u think about the bisexuality community?

What’s something that everyone should learn in life?

What do you do if your best friend's girlfriend turns out to be a “gold digger”?

People who noticed their friends getting deleted, how did you guys work it out?

How do you feel about an i

People of reddit, what is the most thoughtful thing a friend said during a breakup?

How do you feel about real life being a simulation?