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Redditors of reddit with "Vanessa White" in front of you: how does it make you feel that she’s a pornstar?

In a video game, if you come across an empty room with a health pack, extra ammo, and a save point, you know exactly what to do. What if you came across dozens of empty rooms in the real world ?

People who are still flying the confederate flag proudly, how do you justify it?

People who were dating/married to someone very similar to you, what was it like growing up?

Redditors who haven’t blown any cash in a casino, but who will be gambling in the near future

[Serious] How much do you want to take your own life?

How do you feel about someone else's weight?

What type of question is too sensitive?

What’s one thing you don

[Serious] what is the worst thing you will admit to yourself?

If aliens arrived and you had to pick one animal to represent humanity, what animal would it be?

Doctors, what was the best excuse you've heard when a patient came in with a collapsed lung?

Your username is your sex position, how would you sit down to have fun?

Redditors with kids, what movie experiences have taught you how to parent with children?

People who work in Human Resources, what's the most ridiculous excuse an HR manager has given for why they couldn't give you the job?

Redditors, who have filmed a porno, what was it like?

What is YOUR favorite non-sexual thing that you do for fun?

If human were evolved from apes, and apes from monkeys, why do we still have anthropological statues depicting humans as monkeys

Does anyone else wonder if that one intergalactic father is an android, and that one earth mother is a tin foil doll?

When you are lying in the fetal position, imagining yourself to be a video game character, what game are you?

Those of you who are still alive, what would something that simple would help you the most?

[serious] how do you feel about bringing back the death penalty?

Kids these days?

Have you ever been “romantically” involved with a "star" type actor/actress? If so, was it romantic, were they willing to do it on camera, etc?

What do you use to spice up your morning coffee?