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What’s something that happens in your free time that you wish others knew about?

I hate naked girls, but why are you still masturbating naked girls?

To all the Asian porn girls on reddit, how does it make you feel that a white guy likes your bubble wrap and your hairy pussy?

When is a time you genuinely thought you were going to die?

Women of Reddit, what are some things Donald Trump could’t stand, and would do anything to lose popularity with women?

If human were evolved from apes, would cats or dogs be the smarter animals?

He's the president, she's the prime minister. The choice is up to you which one do you pick and why?

Reddit, I just punched my brother in the stomach and he is gone in less than a minute. What should I do?

Each patch is a fresh start for you, but unlike a new game it has loads of new content. What are some of the best examples of this?

People of Reddit who own/run a business, what are your tips/hacks to running a successful business?

The end of world will be upon us in 2020, how will society react to now?

You are in a world of hurt and you can add any emotion you want to any song. What are you going to add?

Hey reddit, how many of you actually use chrome on your browser, instead of incognito?

Reddit, why is this site so self righteous? You have to meet so many conditions to post so many good quality upvotes, yet you have so many down votes?

People who teach science, what is the coolest thing you've found?

[Serious] What is something positive the Obama administration is doing?

FYI: A picture is worth a thousand words, and a thousand pictures are worth a million words. So, without further adieu, let's say

Where is the funniest place/location in your country?

What did you do as a child that you still remember?

[Serious] Translators of Reddit, what are some tropes you wish were more often used?

People who decided to become gae, how?

People with extreme eating disorders, what's something you'd like people to stop doing, until you are well enough to start eating again?

People who knew Hitler, what do you think of his methods now?

Gamers of reddit, what is your proudest achievement and how did it turn out?

What can be used as both and never?