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[Serious] What song did you not expect to make it to number one?

Everybody in the world is dying of curies, why are you the only one unaffected?

What's your favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage?

What if aliens arrived and you had to defend yourself against them?

What is a decent substitute for an orgasm?

How do you guys feel

Daughters of reddit, what is the most "nsfw" name you have ever come up with for your father (romance, sex, etc)?

How do you feel about someone who still sucks their thumb

What is wrong with most white people?

What kinds of information do you wish people stopped making about you?

Who is an example of someone who has made the "real world" a better place?

Guys, you get to have sex with the Cowgirl of the Sex Parade. What do you do?

What does it feel like to have a “thrift shop” on your house?

Without saying the name, what is a non English word that has

You are under a contract for 13 weeks of "sexy husband", and your only option is to satisfy the other person's every need. Would you do it, why or why not?

People who grew

Do you prefer to wear makeup or not? Why?

Has the turning point in your life when you realised you were a dad happened yet again?

People who ask "why?" at the end of their askreddit, why?

How do you feel about using undocumented workers to make furniture in America?

Porn Actors, what's something that an employer can do to make your job easier?

What are the top 10 Reddit Subreddits?

What makes men attractive to you?

What would be the most oxymoron you can come up with?

Female comedian, what’s the funniest thing you’ve said?