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Girls of Reddit how does it feel like to be gendered as a boy from a young age?

What are signs of developing an eating disorder?

[Serious] what is something you have done or said as a child that still makes you cringe?

Whats an insult that is so crudely said and said by people who are familiar with it?

What is the weirdest, most creative and/or most cringe story your friend told you as a kid?

The Magic Tavern Migrations is the fourth story arc of the Magic: The Gathering series. It takes place in the world of Magic: the Gathering, following on from The Lost.

Do you prefer safe or unusual hobbies? Why?

Stalin had been head of the KGB for 33 years, how had he and his men changed since the Great Patriotic War (1953-1956)?

Homophobes of Reddit, what did your first date say or do?

What trivial thing would be a lot worse if you had to do it all over again?

People of reddit, what is something other people do that annoys you?

HELSINKI (Reuters) - Finland should make the national anthem "in praise of the country" as an official state sport, the head of the national hockey team told a gathering of conservative politicians on Tuesday.

People with gaped stomachs, what was the biggest shock that you received when you got gaped?

Could anyone please prove to me that the current version of the moon is the real moon and that it is not some made-up fake?

How many of us were dumb enough to put our life savings on an exchange with these kinds of crazy returns?

Who is a guy that can simultaneously hit all three of the "A"s on their sign language and simultaneously make out the Tic-tac-toe as they play?

People who were openly racist to one another, how did you deal with that?

How do you think your

What does VB mean?

who has the best karaoke talent?

What would be the gayest, most awkward situation you've ever had?

Which do you prefer, anal or vaginal sex?

What’s the best place and/or food in the world that everyone should try?

What's the most boomer thing a park employee has ever done?

The price of a karen is