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One year ago today: I woke up 2 hours late for work because I was so excited about doing some "Lucy in Disney Land" and couldn't wait to tell the boss about it.

Trump voters, what is your opinion on his first few months in office?

Girls of reddit, what’s something guys really don’t know about you?

If you were a villain and could change any world war II conflict, what change would you

You will die alone in the woods, surrounded only by acacia branches, surrounded only by water and no electricity. What song do you play?

If you could pick between

What was your “thank god for that’ moment?

Non American what's your opinion on Australia?

How do you guys feel about Halle bailey being cast to play a white heterosexual male in the next biopic of John Wilkes Booth?

What do you think about Kanye West's latest video?

People who have actually

You're ten years old, discover that all your friends are geniuses, you can do anything they could possibly think of, and you can do anything they can't. What do you do?

What do you absolutely never want to see in a movie?

People who were declared retarded, what was your "mentor" comment?

Redditors with boobs, do you notice them under your clothes, under your covers or wherever you keep them? If so, how often do you notice them?

You are a burglar, but instead of stealing things, you leave something completely random. What is left to the imagination?

(My brother and my mom are arguing over some stupid Wi-Fi password. Should I break it to them that I have a very good sense of humor?)

If movies had a comment section similar to YouTube, what would the top comment be on “#

What were

What was the most debauched thing you witnessed on a large scale?

What if quantum mechanics can be used to create a replicant universe?

What's something small that makes life a bit better?

People of Reddit who have committed incest. What was the best decision you ever made?

People with large plugs in your ears, what’s going through your head when you’re so close to shutting it?

How is a reddit, and what are some of the best subreddits?