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Do online games ever make you think your playing against other people but it's actually a simulation?

How would you feel about a 3 day work week?

What other weird things do you think are going to be popular in the next decade?

You get to experience the joy of grinding away at a video game with a pro gamer. What game would you pick?

Ladies of Reddit how does a vagina feel like? Does it feel like having two butt holes?

What's the biggest screwup you've seen from an anime?

What’s your favourite extrovert friend?

What would have happened to OJ?

New Zealand is officially cov

How do you feel abut Caitlyn Jenner?

You have 3 lives, what do you do?

What is one thing you wish every girl had the ability to get?

How would you feel about a female OWS that is just as boisterous as the male version but without the same level of oppression?

Have you ever had a dream so good, that you ended up doing it just to spite someone? If so, what was it?

What makes you feel special?

You have the ability to control the minds of people for up to 24 hours. What is it?

What single message do you want to give to someone, that you can't seem to give off on impulse?

If the Cubs lose to the Pirates in the World Series would you rather they lose because they are stupid or cause the greatest sporting tragedy in US history?

Is it true that you always see people in clubs and bars and usually find them awkward? Why do you act like life is so

What is something you always wanted to ask your family but couldn't because they're too busy with their busy schedule?

What are some stories of people coming to your defense?

How do you feel about Hanukkah and its relationship to Christianity?

What is the best thing to eat as a snack after a hard day's work?

What item would you most like to have in a sex toy?

If there was a sequel to Sharknado, what would it be about?