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What food do you love that your family hates?

To the redditors who got a post on the front page of reddit, have you seen it or is it gone?

{politics unusual?

What is a free software that the owner admits is not free software but gives you the option to use it in a commercial way?

When have you noticed the 'hidden talent' of a child actor?

Why it's Time To Stop Having Sex With Dogs?

What is your blog strategy?

What new jobs can be created by scrapping the majority of state employee jobs?

Americans, how has your culture developed around slavery and Jim Crow laws?

A guy goes to a lesbian wedding. The officiants are obviously trolls, and the wedding cake is just another weapon to use against them. What other mundane item would you use as a troll weapon?

What is the best meal your body has ever had?

What are your thoughts on the fact that Kanye West is married to Kim?

Would you watch a 12 year old make a game out of nothing but himself and his phone

What to do to be cool?

Pepole who just witnessed the entire Arab uprisings in the first place, what's your story?

As a non-American why are so many people intolerant of the protests that have taken place since the 9/11 attacks?

What’s the one game you absolutely hate every inch of?

You are given the opportunity to have sex with anything, at any cost. Which option do you choose?

People that were around the bottom of your class, what was the moment that made you realise you couldn't do that anymore?

What’s one video game you’ll never, ever, play again?

Whats a healthy alternative to quick food with big orders?

What are some unexpected benefits to dating an outdoorsy person?

What do you think about when a picture of your penis is posted on the internet?

What do you think of Gay Red Shirt Day?

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