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Your username is your sexual fantasy. How would you go about achieving this?

You are now the manager of covid-19. What is your favorite memory from the 20's?

What is one thing you can say during sex and ordering a bar?

How would you feel about a “Who’s your favourite” post with a celebrity response?

Owners of Reddit, what are some really underrated good choices your family has made that actually worked?

People who had "gone under the radar" and made friends with the opposite sex, how successful were those relationships?

What are some of the best three-episode dramas that you recommend?

What do you think about "yam"?

Americans of Reddit, what would be the largest American (state, city, etc.) that would form a union, and what would the first item on that union be?

Watching Traitors on News / Watching K9s on K9 Bakeries?

Girls who have been playing on a server all day, what is the funniest story about a guy?

Why do you comment on

What makes you different from a duck?

If your life was a musical, what would be the title?

This is the funny thing you did as a child?

What if we stopped looking at the stars?

How do you guys feel about Kirsten Dunst as a sex object?

Your username is the reason why, how ?

The United Nations is denying a request to hold a news conference about its human rights failings, claiming that a press conference would only serve to strengthen anti-American sentiments. Why are the United Nations and its members so bent on demonizing the United States?

What is your favorite third-person story from the Fallout series?

People who had consensual sex at school, did you ever have a "black market" for drugs ?

What do you consider a bad 'license to kill'?

Your first day of 2020 will be the worst possible thing that ever happened to humanity. What are some ways humanity could go from worst to first?

People of Reddit with a photographic memory, what’s it like on the inside? is it all messed up or is there always something to be had?

Why can’t people agree that we can’t be both right and lazy at the same time?