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What are your favorite covers of classic songs?

What are some random questions everyone can think of that could be answered with a Google search?

To the hundreds of thousands of Americans that are throwing out their yellow/orange/red complexion (or choosing to remain in it) what's yours going to be?

What are some useful Google searches you have made to try and understand how people behave?

Girls of reddit what is the best penis size you've ever had ?

Why does r/atheism go on and on about how it’s a place where people come to be true to themselves and not conform to a religion ?

what's your “weird” life?

What Redditors have you met on Reddit?

What if ALL life on earth was a simulation and every person played by different rules?

You are now the bread owner. What is the most outrageous abuse you have ever received?

What is something you did for a living that was actually a huge fuck-up?

What’s your favourite memory from Barack Obama's presidency?

In a video game, if you come across an empty room with a health pack and a save point, a meter will go up and if it is full you will be killed instantly. What do you think would happen to a child who survived this way?

Parents of Reddit who have an "us against them" attitude, how does it bother you when your children turn on you?

Who is the most toxic celebrity friend you've ever made?

Have you ever had a "thing" that other people referred to as their "thing"? What was it?

What was the best way you or someone you know has dealt with a rolling stone before?

Redditors with pets, what's your perspective on living with a 13 year old boy?

What is probably the coolest thing a shark has ever done?

When did we stop caring about a loved one?

What do you think about people who lost their virginity?

What words of wisdom has Donald Trump

The power of the 1% is scary, but it also makes you powerful. What is your superpower?

[Serious] Grown men, what would you tell women about growing up?

What’s the scariest thought that you’ve had whilst parenting?