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Porn Actors of Reddit, what was the right thing to do that you still can’t believe happened?

Dear Reddit, How have you seen a close friend's depression affect you guys?

What would you do if you have the option of changing diapers any time you want?

What's a book you absolutely must have seen to fully understand it?

What happened to White Walk Ceremonies?

Maharashtra government has allocated 17 reserved spots for Sikh and Jat votes in the Assembly, but plans to hold the polls on an odd-even basis. What are the SC/ST lines that would be drawn to ensure that both communities cast their votes according to tribal votes?

What is one thing you wish you had in high school that didn’t exist?

People who flat out refuse to listen to anything anyone says to them, why?

Would you date a stranger? Why or why not?

What words of wisdom has your dad given you?

What’s something that is politically incorrect in America?

People with opinions, who do you think they are?

Some people get offended when you say "manscape," so here's a video game adaptation of a movie where you play as a man with issues (just kidding)

So, what would an all-female Ghostbusters team be like?

I've been scammed by my girlfriend and now I'm scared of losing her.

Have you ever had a "thing" shoved up your ass

What exactly are the scariest and fuck ups in your life?

Men of Reddit, what are some gender neutral sex positions that girls should explore as much as possible?

Girls, what is the most extreme case of “I'm the Jesus, and you're the Mark – just kidding” you have?

[serious] People who find someone else's house messy. Please explain.

What are some videos that are so good, you'll swear the only thing left to say is "OMG" and then proceed to laugh until your lungs filled up?

Why do people still enjoy the "Take me to church" song?

What was the dumbest thing you ever did to get your way?

[Serious] how do you react when you get into a fight?

What's your favourite time you've ever been to the movies?