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People who watch streams of other people's streams, why?

The former manager of the Flint, Michigan, switchboard that was found to be in violation of the state's law, admits to being under the influence of marijuana and telling people to stop messing with the switch, reports CBS News correspondent Jim Axelrod.

What are some useful memes?

You decide to have a go at something no one has ever tried before, what is it?

The Swimming Pools are full, everyone can come in and out, why aren’t the guards letting in more people?

Who is your favorite author and what is it about?

People with gape on the top of your ass how the f*ck are you holding up?

Daughters of reddit, what is something you wish your father had known as a boy?

Doctors of reddit,

People who watched Private School first grade, what was your impression of police brutality in general?

If someone offered you 1000$ to take a selfie with you, would you do it and why?

You're walking down the street and a car drives up next to you, honking, and yells "Hey, hey, ho, how ya doing today?" What’s your first thought?

Could one of us upvote this post and make it the number one post in reddit history?

People who like Trump: What is it?

What movie is easily mistaken for another movie?

In this strange world called reality TV, what are some of the more bizarre scenarios being played out by our fellow citizens?

How do you feel about LGBT representation in children's tv shows/movies?

How do you feel about Greta Thunberg, the first openly gay woman president of Sweden?

What did a childhood friend of yours do that was so innocent, yet so inappropriate?

Under such a system, hockey teams in other countries would sing the national anthem, which would then be played at hockey games?

People who have accidentally uploaded something embarrassing instead of their school assignment, what did you upload and what was it?

Hey reddit, what do you do when your best friend is the one who's attention-seeking, entitled jerk?

What are you smoking from this pandemic?

What is the most inappropriate thing a pornstar has ever said to you?

What is a voice in your head that keeps you up at night?