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What are some things people think are normal, but are actually messed-up?

What’s your favourite 60s song?

(NSFW) People of Reddit who enjoy fapping, how does it feel like?

What would your opinion be about a yes or no vote on Question 4, the one where you say that you will now give the baby to your best friend?

When has being a kid become a negative thing?

Are there any "just one more day" things in your life that you would do after you read this question?

Men of Reddit, what is something Reddit knows that women do not know?

Racists of Reddit, what's your perspective on the Trayvon Martin case?

If you were immortal and couldn't get injured/sick, how would you live?

People who put ketchup on the fries when they're done eating them, why?

Let's pretend you're in the bus. And You get on, go to the bathroom, and when the doors close, You hear the doorbell. What song do you go to comforted by the sound of the bell?

What are you and your family made of?

Who are some of the most interesting fictional characters that you can come up with?

Where is the weirdest place you’ve ever come from?

Dear feminists, what is your favorite type of trolls?

What do you think about Kotaku in Action, their coverage of the Zoe Quinn and Richard Gere stories, and Richard Gere's tirade against Anita Sarkeesian?

What was a game you played as a child that you still play as an adult?

What is an actually good reason to support Trump?

Female users of reddit, what’s it like to masturbate?

I used to be one, Jesus is my boyfriend. What's the first thing he does when he gets home from work?

Universities, train stations and school halls are places where students often have a bad attitude and do stupid things. What’s a good way to set an example to the rest of us?

You are given the option to drop what you have and return to 12/31/2011 as yourself at that age, but with the extra 8 years of experience. Do you accept? Why or why not?

What do you think is the best series from the 80s/90s?

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What if every girlfriend secretly wished she was gay?