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People with birthmarks, how do you feel about them and what does it remind you of / how does it affect your life?

For people with screen-share trauma stories: what happened when you lost them?

Whats something guys can do to get a better sex life?

Could you please give me a call or a text? I need to talk to someone

Sluts of Reddit why did you become one?

What, if anything, do you wish the US did to help combat its rampant anti-white racism?

For the people who keep asking reddit "Why?!" Why do you keep asking reddit "What if?"

This is the moment a Cleveland police officer tackled a man to the ground for making eye contact with a cop. Watch as the cop's gun was cocked. The cop turns around and sees the knife!

What's your best Grandfather moment?

What are some songs that slowly get better with playing?

What’s the biggest security risk you think everyone should take responsibility for?

If you had to pick one animated character to have a word with, who would it be?

The internet is abuzz about a Purple Octopus taking over the world! How WRONG YOU THINK people?

People who cry 'unfair' do you? Why?

What was the best way you or someone you know has dealt with your fears?

What is something people over the age of 50 should know how to do at age 55?

Why is it that Reddit doesn't like the post that it has the most downvotes?

Can We Please Stop Posting Pet Owners Who Buy Their Dogs From These Instagrams?

Have you ever been attracted to a certain person, how was that relationship and how did it change your life?

People who have dated their childhood friend, what was it like?

What are some valid complaints about Twin Peaks that can also be made about The X-Files?

If you got to pick 2 things out of the entire history of the world, what would you pick and why?

People with birthmarks, how do you feel about them, and how did it affect you?

Redditors who settled for 3rd place in the English Shufflboard, what was your moment where you realised you were not the only one struggling with your interests?

That is a free app that you can download for free. What is it?