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People who have faced police brutality, what's your story?

What was the most horrific thing you saw committed to film?

You're a chef but your wife doesn't like your cooking. what do you do?

What are some amazing YouTube channels to watch a family member create?

Our rights as Americans are being eroded at a alarming rate, and liberals are using every opportunity to gain power. How do you feel about this?

What would you do if you were a billionaire ?

What is the perfect food at 2 A.M. when your drunk as shit?


[Serious] How do you feel about a law stating that people with expired identification cards be required to take the tests and show up to court on time to receive the proper compensation?

Who is the most innocent person you've ever met? How was their reaction?

What's a “you weren’t supposed to see that’s supernaturally so, but you did anyway, what was it like?

What is something that seems down right impossible but is actually possible ?

People with penises, when did you first get one and how much did it feel like? Do you still enjoy having one?

People that have gotten away with murder, how was it?

what products would be the best bargains right now?

if a game called "Call of Duty" (known as "Duty" in-game) lost a battle royale, what objective would be the game's 52nd mission?

Redditors who are obsessed with 3-5 Finger Sunrise/Sunset, what does your day-to-day life revolve around?

When was the last time you remember a friend as a person?

What is something Australian does well, but worst in every way ?

How did you find the courage to go solo?

What is something you like about yourself but hate the other person for being like that?

Has the internet ever really been a blessing in disguise for you?

What is one thing your fans don't understand about you?

What are some beautiful underwater photo opportunities?

Antifragile is the ability to overcome one's fears, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?